「獅城的熱狗」正式推出 Release Of “Hot Dogs in the Lion City"


Hot Dog Impression’s latest feature article on non-air-conditioned buses in Singapore, “Hot Dogs in the Lion City", is now released !

The article features comprehensive text and photo coverage on the Singaporean Volvo Olympian non-air-conditioned buses. In addition, a Singaporean local bus enthusiast and a Hong Kong-based bus enthusiasts who often travel there to experience “hot dogs" share with us their impression and memories with those “hot dogs".


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* 預備多時的熱狗印象「獅城的熱狗」專題將於本年 5 月 8 日前後推出,敬請密切留意!

It is reported that the retirement “deadline" of the remaining non-air-conditioned buses operated by SBS Transit of Singapore has once again been postponed. The non-air-conditioned fleet will not be completely phased out within April. However, it is advised that those who would like to try out the Volvo Olympians themselves should go there asap, as the new deadline is still uncertain.

Hot Dog Impression’s “Hot Dogs in the Lion City" feature article is scheduled to be released in early May. Please stay tuned.


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半年前後 Before and after 6 months

轉眼間,熱狗「最美一夜」已是半年前的事 .. 相信大家仍未忘記熱狗吧 ..

或許此時此刻,正是把回憶從腦袋深處取出,陶醉一番的好時機;當然可像「熱狗回憶」的作者們般將回憶化成文字,或透過閱讀各篇「熱狗回憶」,重溫舊時的片段 ..


6 months have already passed since the full phase-out of non-air-conditioned buses from revenue-earning services in Hong Kong. I believe that most of us still hold the fond memories they had on board the “hot dog" buses to their hearts, and this could be a golden opportunity to reminisce about the past ..

(Some asked as if Hot Dog Impression will cease operation after the full air-conditionization of HK bus fleet. Our answer is NO. We will continue to enrich the site, so stay tuned!)

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恭賀尖沙咀碼頭巴士總站免於清拆 Star Ferry Bus Terminus is now free from demolition




Starting from the 1920s, the Star Ferry Bus Terminus in Tsim Sha Tsui has always been the most important transport interchange in Kowloon. For the past 90 years, the terminus has enabled smooth and seamless connection between buses, ferries and even the Kowloon-Canton Railway.

It has no doubt that the Star Ferry Bus Terminus, along with the surroundings, is one of the most vital landmarks of Hong Kong, and is also the common memory of different generations of Hong Kongers. The terminus also witnessed the evolution of bus service in Hong Kong, and a number of routes terminating there are the last ones which provided non-air-conditioned bus service.

We express our satisfaction over the Government’s decision of permanently shelving the plans of converting Star Ferry Bus Terminus into a tourism piazza; This is no doubt the victory of the citizens. We would also like express our deepest gratitude to “Our Bus Terminal" as well as all those who have played a role in fighting for the preservation of the terminus.

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「獅城」最後的熱狗 Hot Dogs in the Lion City



Singapore, a city-state similar to Hong Kong in many aspects, will bid farewell to her non-air-conditioned buses not long after the demise of “hot dog" bus service in Hong Kong.

Hot Dog Impression is going to launch a special compilation of Singapore non-air-conditioned buses. Before that, you may be interested in the “Public Transport Hub" Facebook page which contains an excellent collection of Singaporean bus photos.

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熱狗印象推出特稿兩篇 Release of two new feature articles

《熱狗之終章》特稿經已上載至熱狗印象網站,與各位回味熱狗最「美」一日--2012 年 5 月 8 日的一點一滴;另外《大埔奇蹟》一文則帶各位回顧一條備受忽略的路綫如何因熱狗而成為全港巴迷焦點。


Two feature articles about non-air-con buses are now available on Hot Dog Impression WordPress site. “Hot Dog Finale" is a complete record of what happened on May 8, 2012, the last ever day of non-air-con bus service in HK, while “The Tai Po Miracle" talks about how route 71S, previously neglected by many, became the spotlight among the local bus enthusiast fraternity.

We will be launching a number of feature articles on our site in the near future. If you have any suggestion on what topic the articles should be about, please feel free to tell us.


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熱狗印象推出「OMSI 遊戲補檔」 “OMSI Game Addon" is launched


Although Hot Dog Buses are no longer in service nowadays, we can still reminisce about our Hot Dog memories in computer games like OMSI.
Hot Dog Impression is now launching a series of OMSI Bus Simulator game addons like repaints of non air-con buses with allover advertisements. You can download these repaints from the HDI resources site.

請即登入 https://hkhotdog.wordpress.com/resources/omsi/
Please check it out at https://hkhotdog.wordpress.com/resources/omsi/ now!

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熱狗最後足跡 (一)The final footprints of Hot Dogs (I)

一個月前的 19:26 ,大批市民聚集於尖沙咀碼頭,為的只是見證熱狗最後一日服務香江歷史時刻,歡送 5A 最後熱狗。


Just a month ago, at 19:26, a large crowd gathered at Star Ferry B/T. That was the last day of non-air-con bus service in Hong Kong, and what they wanted to do was to bid farewell to “hot dogs" of route 5A, and to witness that historic moment.

One month later, bus service in HK is now fully air-conditionized, and “hot dogs" no longer run on the roads of HK. However, we are sure that most Hong Kongers will still remember the old days we spent on “hot dog" buses, and the memories with “hot dog" will never fade away.

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告別最後熱狗 Bidding Farewell to the Last Hot Dogs

隨著 GL258 在 01:30 在大批巴士迷簇擁下徐徐駛離藍田 (廣田邨) 巴士總站,香港的非空調巴士載客服務終於告一段落。
Hong Kong’s Non Air-con Bus service finally came to an end today as GL258 left Lam Tin (Kwong Tin Estate) Bus Terminus at 01:30 with applause from a large crowd of bus enthusiasts.

Hot Dog Impression will continue to operate even though all “hot dogs" are pulled out of service.

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熱狗走到最後 敬請互相遷就 Be considerate when bidding farewell to “hot dogs"


近日數條冷熱綫的最後熱狗班次均出現不愉快事件,數天前的路綫 30X 「獲嘉之亂」更是全城「矚目」,不少乘客(巴士迷)在車上喧嘩,又做出令旁人為之側目的行為,更因而驚動警方。上述種種不但令市民對巴士迷的印象大打折扣,更對他人造成滋擾。


As the bus service in Hong Kong will soon be fully air-conditionized, a lot of bus enthusiasts and ordinary Hong Kongers are keen to take or photograph “hot dog" buses in order to reminisce the good old days.

In recent days, reports on the misbehaviour of bus enthusiasts on the last days of non air-con buses can be easily found in the media. A few days ago, the chaos on the last non air-con departure of route 30X develop a negative impression on bus enthusiasts in citizens’ minds.

We would like to call upon all bus enthusiasts to be considerate when taking or photographing non air-con buses. Refrain from yelling as well as causing nuisance to other bus enthusiasts, passengers, bus company staff or other road users.

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